Àdhamh is the world’s most famous Gaelic tutor, having built his reputation in the sphere of film & TV working on Sony Pictures’ Outlander where he maintained an exceptionally good raport with both cast and crew ensuring excellent representation for the Scottish Gaelic language in the now wildly popular Hollywood series.

He is known for his deep esoteric knowledge of the history, idiom, dialect and accent of Scottish Gaelic, his unwavering personal passion and commitment to its survival as well as his boundless energy and determination to create the best possible product, whether on or off-set.

Think poetic translation to whatever dialect is necessary, versatile teaching methods and materials depending on the varying linguistic abilities of your cast, and dedicated, patient on-set consultancy.

If you are committed to keeping your cast relaxed and enthusiastic about the material in your production then look no further. Àdhamh is quite literally the best there is:

“As Laird of Leoch I had to get used to a new pair of legs, drink copious amounts of Rhenish and speak to the clan in Gaelic. Àdhamh was my rock for the latter. The support he gave me was outstanding. He was always on hand with patience and good heart”
–Gary Lewis

“It was wonderful having Àdhamh around. Because there’s a man who lives and breathes that language”
–Graham McTavish

"A fantastic teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed working/learning with Àdhamh. He brought the language alive for me and instilled a lasting passion for Gaelic. Personable, hard-working and energetic, he provided the perfect guide"
–Sam Heughan

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