adhamh 5

Do you have something in mind for your community project which might benefit from └dhamhĺs expertise? Would you like to explore bringing the Gaelic language, song or story into this environment? Get in touch and we can chat over how to go about the process of cultural pollination!

In a voluntary capacity, └dhamh has been working with DROITSEACH for the last five years to attempt the representation and eventual reinstatement of all of Scotlandĺs Gaelic dialects. Using the TOSGAIR system of finding an ambassador for each dialect area, DROITSEACH has been building a network of passionate individuals countrywide who will work towards the preservation of their local tongue.

└dhamh is a local ambassador himself and is working on the revival of his own Gßidhlig Dhail Riada, the dialect of Craignish, Lochaweside, Kilmartin, Kilmicheal, Knapdale, Lochfyneside, Cowal and Bute. You can find out more and get involved by clicking the link above and by visiting

Above is └dhamh and his three youngest children with Robbie MacVicar, the last fluent speaker of the Dalriada dialect.

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