Àdhamh isn’t a registered tour guide. In fact, better not to think of him as your guide at all, but rather your Gaelic-speaking host.

He will allow you access to Highland Scotland without the arm’s length. Don’t think rushed stops for tea, toilet and taking photos; think under the turf and into the bones of the country you want to know better than from the window of a bus.

Think Gaelic story and song for every turn in the road, in-depth placename etymology and sometimes even the chance to pop in on one of our elders for a cup of tea along the way to get the culture straight from the source.

We have lots of options for all kinds of bespoke experiences for travelers to the Highlands, Argyll and the Isles. You’ll travel both beaten and less beaten tracks. The difference is that yours is the only car carrying a living ambassador for Highland culture famed for his work throughout the world!

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