If you’re looking for something a little different from the norm, then Àdhamh is your first stop. Many translations into Gaelic today will be done in a “by the book” fashion that can render work uninspiring and bland. Standard Gaelic is everywhere, so why not invest in something different?

Àdhamh’s massive wealth of knowledge on Scottish Gaelic dialects sets him apart. Although happy to follow suggestions in Gaelic Orthographic Conventions (2009) for the most part, he is not bound by them and will be able to work effortlessly with your vision for something more suited to your local area.

As a fluent speaker of Dalriada Gaelic he has a special aptitude for the dialects of Argyll and is also comfortable translating into both Wester Ross and Sutherland dialect. Don’t worry though, almost any other dialect can be attempted with a little research so ask away!

Àdhamh’s exceptional fluency in the language and capabilities as a poet and songwriter mean that your translation will take on a life all of its own.

He is also capable of undertaking all kinds of other research and presentation work, like glossaries, information boards and signage. If we haven’t mentioned it here, just ask!

Previous projects include information and signage for the Atlantic Islands Centre in Luing, Argyll and the Scottish language glossary for Diana Gabaldon’s latest book “The Outlandish Companion Vol II”.

Àdhamh also provides local dialect consultancy for the museum at Auchindrain in Argyll, as well as consultancy and youth-mentoring to Bombadil Publishing.

Praise for Àdhamh’s work:

“Learned, expert, fascinating, and witty” –Diana Gabaldon

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