Àdhamh has learned Scottish Gaelic to fluency from scratch. This means that he is acutely aware of the challenges faced by other learners. He has spent the last ten years honing his skills with all manner of students using all manner of techniques, from grammar classes to Ùlpan, one-to-one tuition over Skype to conversation meet-ups in pubs and cafés as well as on-set tuition for film and TV.

He has cracked the code of explaining Gaelic grammar and will guide you blissfully through what seems like the toughest and most awkward of idiom or phrasing! Whether working with absolute beginners or helping those reaching out to touch the Holy Grail that is fluency, Àdhamh makes the complex simple and imbues his students with breezy self-confidence and passion for the material. He is able to teach Standard Gaelic as it appears in the school curriculum or should you fancy a fascinating wander off the beaten track, his own endangered dialect of Dalriada. Due to his five years voluntary work with DROITSEACH, he can also assist with the acquisition of any Scottish Gaelic dialect, a speciality not available anywhere else.

If Àdhamh is not able to teach you in person or over Skype due to his many work and personal commitments we will be more than happy to recommend a friend who will have been vetted for the highest level of both idiomatic knowledge and patience! So do get in touch if you’d like to discuss some options.

Praise for Àdhamh’s teaching:

“A Gaelic coach with a true passion, Àdhamh has been teaching me the rare dialect of Dalriada for the past few months. His exemplary work ethic, technique and creativity have kept me motivated to learn a dialect for which there is little publicly accessible material. He is always willing to go the extra mile“ –Valérie Orsoni, CEO and founder of LeBootCamp.

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